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Employee sickness costs Australian businesses $79 billion a year.

This guide shows how to reduce both employee health risk and compensation claims in the post COVID-19 workplace.

As an employer you need more than ever to look out for your employees' health and wellbeing by giving them a safe place to work.

Not only is this just the right thing to do, it will also make your business more productive AND reduce your risk of unnecessary compensation claims.

This short guide shows you how to use Health and Wellbeing Assessments to reduce risk to your employees and your business. The guide shows you how to:

  • Protect your employees by dealing with issues before they become problems,
  • How to take a Risk Management approach to Health and Wellbeing in the workplace,
  • Reduce absenteeism costs and eliminate compensation claims.

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About Symmetry HR

Symmetry Human Resources provides experienced qualified warehouse, factory and industrial staff across Australia.

Our flexible staffing approach helps you reduce costs and improve productivity by balancing your workforce with seasonal demand, rather than needlessly over or under-staffing. 

Our Recruitment Consultants are experienced, enthusiastic and armed with the best available technology. We believe our staff are the best within our industry – please feel free to put them to the test. Our recruitment philosophy is simple, “no surprises” and “transparency in delivery” – this means that at all times we will keep you informed as to how we operate, why we operate in a particular way and what to expect when dealing with us.  

We are a unique blend of a large company that supplies personal service. You’ll find our response to your staffing issues refreshing in the speed and professionalism with which we operate. 

Our technology and industry expertise enable us to find the right staff, quickly. Our recruiters have either worked in a Manufacturing or Warehousing environment or have over 5 years recruitment experience as a minimum.

Symmetry Human Resources currently has seven offices located in Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane. We can also service clients in Perth as required and we are working toward establishing our aim of fourteen operational offices around Australia.

Symmetry Human Resources is an active member of the Recruitment Consultant Services Association (RCSA). In 2014, Symmetry Human Resources received Quality Certification to ISO 9001:2008.